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Your course manual is an excellent resource for refreshing and reinforcing the skills you learned in the class. It requires several files to complete the exercises. To download these files, please follow the steps shown below:

  • Please click on your course name on this page.
  • In the File Download dialogue box, choose SAVE.
  • In the Save As box, select a location, such as DESKTOP, to save the file.
  • Locate the file on your DESKTOP and double click the file name.
  • You may get a Security Warning box, click RUN.
  • In the WinZip Self Extractor dialogue box, choose UNZIP.
  • The files will be unzipped and placed on your C drive in a numbered folder ending with text "Data" (example: 084890Data).
  • The number component of a folder name is the Part Number of your course manual. This number is printed on the backside of the inside cover page of your manual.
  • For any questions regarding downloading your file, please send us a mail at
Office 2007 Course Files
Office 2007 New Features
Microsoft Word 2007 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Word 2007 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2007 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2007 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Excel 2007 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2007 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft Access 2007 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Access 2007 Level-2 Intermediate
Office 2010 Course Files
Office 2010 New Features
Microsoft Word 2010 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Word 2010 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2010 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2010 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Excel 2010 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2010 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Level-1 Introductory
PowerPoint 2010 Level-2 Contact us
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft Access 2010 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Access 2010 Level-2 Intermediate
Office 2013 Course Files
Microsoft Word 2013 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Word 2013 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2013 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2013 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Level-2 Contact Us
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Level-2 Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Level-3 Advanced
Microsoft Access 2013 Level-1 Introductory
Microsoft Access 2013 Level-2 Intermediate

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