OnLine Training

How does OnLine Training work? Important information for attendees.

 OnLine training of computer skills is delivered either in Seminar Mode or Hands-on Mode. In seminar mode, there is no hands-on activity. Attendees just watch the instructor’s screen and learn passively. We offer OnLine training in Hands-on Mode. The training is professional and as good as in-person training. Our attendees like it a lot.

Our OnLine training is delivered by a live instructor. We do not train by playing pre-recorded videos. Attendees learn by performing the tasks that the instructor demonstrates on their screen. They can also communicate with fellow attendees and the Instructor via live audio and video.

With Hands-on Mode delivery, the attendees work with two application windows on their local computer. The first window is their own work area and the second window displays the instructor’s work area via the Zoom video conferencing application.

To get the best from OnLine training, the following computer setup is required:

    • An attendee’s computer must be a Windows PC with a video camera.
    • A USB headset (headphone with microphone) is recommended for crystal clear audio conversation.
    • An attendee can attend our OnLine training if their computer has only one screen. However, please note that arranging two windows on a 15” laptop screen makes everything look very small in each window. Also, the user interface of the training software (Excel, Word, etc.) is re-arranged in a compact form. Some learners may not be able to work speedily with this arrangement.
    • It is therefore highly recommended that an attendee have two monitor screens attached to their computer. Most modern home TVs can be used quite easily as a second monitor. With two monitors, the work areas of the attendee and the instructor can be displayed on separate screens in a normal manner.
    • A high-speed Internet connection is required. A wired connection works better than wireless, as it is more stable and has more throughput.
    • The attendee’s computer must have the software that the attendee wants to learn. For example, if you have signed up for an Excel course, Excel must be installed on your PC.
    • An attendee will need to install the Zoom Video Conferencing app to join the training session. It can be downloaded for free from Please familiarize yourself with the application.
    • To check if your setup is ready for ZOOM, you can do a live test by visiting this page: ZOOM TEST 
      The test will also let you know if your headset and video camera are working well within a zoom meeting.
    • A PDF reader is required to view the course materials that will be sent to you as a PDF file. PDF readers are available for free on the net.
    • Our courses are interactive. An attendee must keep the mic and the video camera on all the time so that they are audible and visible to other participants and the instructor (just as they would be in a physical classroom).
    • Please do not register for a course if you do not agree to keep the mic and the video camera on. A certificate of course attendance is issued only after 100% attendance is observed

Our Upcoming Popular Microsoft Office Courses-OnLine

CourseStart DateLocationPrice-CAD
Best of Microsoft PowerPoint18-Oct-2021OnLine360.00
Microsoft Excel Level-1 (Introductory)20-Oct-2021OnLine285.00
Microsoft Excel Level-2 (Intermediate)22-Oct-2021OnLine310.00
Excel Formulas and Functions for HR25-Oct-2021OnLine385.00
Excel Data Analysis for HR27-Oct-2021OnLine385.00
Microsoft Word Level-2 (Intermediate)29-Oct-2021OnLine310.00
Microsoft Excel Level-1 (Introductory)01-Nov-2021OnLine285.00
Microsoft Excel Level-2 (Intermediate)03-Nov-2021OnLine310.00
Microsoft Excel Level-3 (Advanced)05-Nov-2021OnLine310.00
Excel Lookup Functions08-Nov-2021OnLine285.00


Our Microsoft Office Online training will help you considerably if you wish to take Microsoft Office Specialist Exams to earn Associate and Expert certifications directly from Microsoft. These certifications are recognised all over the world and have proven to improve career prospects and pay. Microsoft keeps the list of exams up to date by adding new exams and retiring old ones. Please follow the link below to their site for more information.

Microsoft Office Specialist: All Exams