Our Privacy Policy

We at Rapid Computer Training Inc. understand the importance of protecting the privacy of all our clients. Client information is collected during the registration process, via a newsletter, contest or survey, or simply during the process of communicating with us. Your personal information is protected using technical and administrative security measures to minimize misuse and unauthorized access.

According to this Privacy Policy, we would like to state that the information so collected is used for better communication and better customer service and for creating personalized documents such as the Course Certificate, which is awarded at the end of the course.

Your personal information will not be sold to or exchanged with a third party, for any gains whatsoever, to ensure the integrity of your privacy. 

Most modern websites providing or selling services use cookies to identify the user and render appropriate services. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer. As a user, you can manage the cookies in your browser, which includes the option of deleting them.

Your personal information is retained as long as we provide necessary services to you, including issuing refunds and maintaining financial and tax records required by the existing laws. In case of attendees sponsored by their employers or professional bodies for training and/or CPD hours, the registration information may be retained according to their specified period.

Some pages of our website may contain links to other sites. If you visit these websites using the links provided, please note that Rapid Computer Training is not responsible for their content or policies. Kindly read and familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of the websites so visited.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy by sending an email to info@rapidtraining.ca.