Excel Formulas and Functions for HR

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Intensive, hands-on, one-day Excel Formulas and Functions for HR course delivered online by a Live Trainer and not recorded Videos. Please read prerequisites and other details in the description below.

(Pre-approved by CPHR-BC & Yukon, CPHR-Alberta and CPHR-Manitoba for 6.5 CPD hours)

We have distinct course dates for Pacific and Eastern Time zones. You can explore both options below.

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Excel Formulas and Functions for
Human Resources Professionals

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive grip on Excel with a strong focus on HR related tasks. Learn a variety of Excel functions for tackling quantitative and logical tasks for effective decision making. Orient your approach towards automating tasks and reducing tedious labour.

With the help of several skills covered in the course, you will be able to perform many calculations with ease, speed and a great level of confidence. Learn how to set up your worksheet on auto-pilot and re-purpose it for other applications. Create and manage budgets, metrics and projections with ease. Design a form to collect HR data with validation rules. After the course, you will be able to use Excel as a system with far-reaching capabilities.

(Pre-approved by CPHR-BC & Yukon, CPHR-Alberta and CPHR-Manitoba for 6.5 CPD hours)

Prerequisites: Proficiency in Windows environment with excellent mouse skills. Some work experience of Microsoft Excel with simple formulas and functions.
Software Version: Microsoft Excel 2013/2016/2019/O365
Course Duration: One Day
Class Times-1: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time (Vancouver)
Class Times-2: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (Toronto)
Course Pace and Style: Medium-to-Fast; Hands-on, Intensive, Interactive
Course Delivery Format: OnLine and In-Person
(In-Person training is currently not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
Course Outline Download: Excel Formulas and Functions for HR
Cancellation & Date Change Policy: Cancellation Policy
Technical Requirements for Taking OnLine Courses: OnLine Tech Requirements

Course Pre-approved for 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-BC & Yukon.

CPHR Course Approval Seal Course Pre-approved for 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-Alberta.

Course Pre-approved for 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-Manitoba.

Course Outline

What is covered in the course?

  • Getting to know the Excel Time Savers
  • Using Flash Fill & Pick from List
  • Creating a custom list of HR items.
  • Refresher-basic formula & functions
  • Formulas for HR Metrics
  • Creating & using named ranges
  • Consolidating training budget using 3D formulas
  • Using text functions to tackle text data
  • Joining text with CONCATENATION function
  • Splitting text into columns
  • Using function TODAY to track years of service, tenure and contracts
  • Using logical functions IF, AND, OR for automation, calculation and tracking key indicators
  • Setting up VLOOKUP function to retrieve HR data efficiently
  • Creating an Employee Lookup
  • Extracting figures with custom logic using SUMIF & COUNTIF functions
  • Creating business charts from HR data
  • Linking several workbooks to create a summary
  • Creating an HR Form & Template with validation rules.


Class Start Time

9:00 AM Pacific Time, 9:00 AM Eastern Time

Course Date

10-Jan-2022, 07-Feb-2022, 07-Mar-2022, 04-Apr-2022, 02-May-2022, 30-May-2022, 27-Jun-2022, 25-Jul-2022, 22-Aug-2022, 19-Sep-2022, 17-Oct-2022, 14-Nov-2022, 12-Dec-2022, 24-Jan-2022, 22-Feb-2022, 21-Mar-2022, 18-Apr-2022, 16-May-2022, 13-Jun-2022, 11-Jul-2022, 08-Aug-2022, 06-Sep-2022, 03-Oct-2022, 31-Oct-2022, 28-Nov-2022, 28-Dec-2022