Microsoft Word Level-2 (Intermediate)

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Intensive, hands-on, one-day Microsoft Word Level-2 course delivered online by a Live Trainer and not recorded Videos. Please read prerequisites and other details in the description below.

We have distinct course dates for Pacific and Eastern Time zones. You can explore both options below.

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Microsoft Word 2013/2016/2019/O365
Level-2 (Intermediate)

Microsoft Word is a word processing and publishing application used all over the world in commercial and industrial applications where document creation is involved. It can be used for creating simple memos or complex documents like Annual Reports, Financial Reports, Training Manuals, Theses, Legal Documents, Employee Handbooks, etc.

Our Word Level-2 course is designed for office users or those planning to work in an office. It is an intermediate course that covers tricky issues office workers often face when dealing with a truant document. Be it managing a numbered list, styles, page breaks, section breaks, columns and other tasks, this course can help. Please refer to the detailed course outline below to learn what is covered in the course.

Prerequisites: At least six months of experience working in Windows environment with mouse. Some keyboard skills are also required. Working experience with Microsoft Word or skills learnt in our Word Level-1 course.
Course Duration: One Day
Class Times-1: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time (Vancouver)
Class Times-2: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (Toronto)
Course Pace and Style: Medium-to-Fast; Hands-on, Intensive, Interactive
Course Delivery Format: OnLine and In-Person
(In-Person training is currently not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
Course Outline Download: Word_Level_2
Cancellation & Date Change Policy: Cancellation Policy
Technical Requirements for Taking OnLine Courses: OnLine Tech Requirements

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Working with Lists

  • Number and Bullet Lists
  • Sorting a List
  • Re-Numbering a List

Lesson 2: Customizing Tables

  • Table Formatting
  • Performing Math

Lesson 3: Working with Styles

  • Working with Styles
  • Reveal Formatting
  • Outlines

Lesson 4: Managing Graphics in Word

  • Working with Graphics
  • Inserting Online Pictures
  • Adding Shapes
  • Adding a Text Box
  • Working with SmartArt
  • Creating & Modifying Charts

Lesson 5: Using Quick Parts

  • Working with Building Blocks
  • Inserting a Field

Lesson 6: Managing Paragraph & Text Flow

  • Keeping Text Together
  • Section Breaks
  • Newspaper Style Columns
  • Page Numbering
  • Finding Data
  • Replacing Text
  • Copying/Moving between Files
  • Applying Borders

Lesson 7: Using Mail Merge Efficiently

  • Mail Merge
  • Sorting Mail Merge Data
  • Mailing Labels

Lesson 8: Creating Macros for Automation

  • Macros: General Concepts
  • Creating a Macro
  • Keyboard Shortcut for a Macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Using a Macro from another File

Lesson 9: Working with Templates

  • Templates: General Concepts
  • Creating a New Template
  • Using a Template


  • Appendix A: Cursor Movement Keys
  • Appendix B: Shortcut Keys

Hands-on Exercises



Class Start Time

9:00 AM Pacific Time, 9:00 AM Eastern Time

Course Date

28-Dec-2020, 14-Apr-2021, 09-Aug-2021, 01-Dec-2021, 26-Feb-2021, 18-Jun-2021, 29-Oct-2021, Please Contact for Dates